The OPI Nail Colours You Need In Your Collection

Unless you live under a rock, you would have heard of OPI nail polishes. Aside from their wide range of every shade or every colour, their long lasting wear, their quirky fun names, OPI comes in array of formulas. The reason they have been my favourite nail polish is the longevity of the wear, I usually go a week before changing up my colour and this is not beacause of chipping, but because I love changing up my Color every week. This nail polish meets my needs for sure! I love to change up my colour regularly but regularly for me means weekly, sometimes when I have no time, I can stretch it out to two weeks with minimal chipping. If you would like a guide on which polishes you need in your collection, check out my list below.

1. Let’s Be Friends!


If you haven’t heard of this shade then you’ve been living under a rock! The most raved about colour since Linkin Park After Dark. Part of the Hello Kitty limited edition collection, it was brough back in 2019 for a second time. I was devastated when I went through a whole bottle so you better believe that I have stocked up second time around just in case….

This is the best everyday colour that you could wear over and over again, it’s such a flattering colour for any skin tone. As my skin tone is quite fair, and I have a hard time matching light shades to it. This one is perfect, and it has been perfect on everyone I’ve seen wearing it.

I would describe this shade as a white with a hint of pink in it. If you can’t find this shade, or have run out, a comparable nail polish by OPI would be Lisbon Wants Moor.

2. My Very First Knockwurst


If you’re looking for the best nude in the OPI range then look no further, released as part of the Germany collection, I have found the perfect nude shade, this is another shade I have found that suits my fair skin tone. It’s such a juicy colour, I can’t stop staring at my fingers when I have this one on.

I would describe this shade as a peachy, dusty pink nude.

3. Mod About You


Looking for the perfect pastel pink shade? Mod About You is the polish for you. It’s such a sweetheart shade, looks so flattering on the nails. Great for day to day wear, a night out on the town with your gal pals, on a summer trip or even on your wedding day. Definitely a must have shade to have in your collection.

4. Cajun Shrimp 


One of my favourite shades I need to have in my collection is a red-orange colour, it’s such a fun shade to wear, especially in the summer time. I had an old revlon nail polish which was perfect but after I ran out of that, I could not get my hands on it again. So I went on the hunt for a similar colour. After months of searching, I came across Cajun Shrimp and I am so happy. I can go a whole summer wearing this shade on my nails, it’s such a fun colour and so flattering on the nail. One of those feminine shades you need in your collection.

5. A Oui Bit Of Red


For the perfect, classic red shade, I have chosen A Oui Bit Of Red, its the perfect shade for summer, winter and of course Valentines Day. A true red and another staple shade I need in my collection. 

I would describe this shade as a classic red with a hint of a shimmer through it.

6. Nein Nein Nein! OK Fine!


Every nail polish collection needs a dark shade, for me it’s this one! I love a true black, I really do, but sometimes I want a really dark shade that’s not black, so here I give you Nein Nein Nein! OK Fine, another shade from the Germany collection. A dark greeny/charcoal shade, don’t judge the colour combination, this shade is very flattering on the nail. A perfect shade for all dark polish lovers.

*all nail swatches have two coats of polish on them.

Afew tips..

1. I always use a top coat to seal my nail polish, I use the Seche Vite dry fast top coat, this top coat not only makes my nails look shiny but it also makes the polish dry close to instantly and assists with the longevity of my polish life.


2. Buff your nails and then go over the bare nail with nail polish remover to clean away the dust and dehydrate the nail of oils, this will assist in the longevity of your polish.

3. Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands to mix it up, never shake the bottle as it creates air bubbles.

4. Not really a tip, however, I match my polish colour to my moods of the week. Don’t think that you need to match your fingers to your toes. There are no rules in nail polish. So change it up. Live on the edge!

5. Add a pop o& colour to a finger of your choice, it doesn’t have to be a solid colour, it can be a glittery or shimmery colour, it’ll elevate your look and make you feel glam!

6. Have fun with your nails, nail polish always comes off, step outside your comfort zone, you might find that a shade you would never touch really suits you!

That is all for now lovelies, hope you’re keeping well. Let me know in the comment box below what your favourite OPI shades are.

Until next week..

Be good to yourself (and others)

Love Mary-Vivian x

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