Self-Care in Isolation

Self care is very important, today more than ever, is the best time to get started on a self care routine and stick to it. It’s important for your mental health to take care of yourself in any aspect of life. We may find that these days, we find it particularly hard to stay focused, motivated or even in a good mood. Below I have compiled my must haves in self care.


7BFA3889-3259-4BC7-98D6-9A36BE675C58I always start my day by making myself a hot cup of lemon and honey water. There are so many benefits to drinking lemon and honey some of those benefits are, vitamin C, boosts energy and detoxifies. Whilst I’m drinking my hot drink I recite some affirmations to get my day started on a positive note.  The affirmations I listen to depend on my mood on the day. I find it very important in my day to day life to recite affirmations. They change your mindset and can change negative thought patterns over time, into positive ones. You can make up your own affirmations eg. I am enough, I am free, I am healthy, I have everything i need right here and right now. If that’s the way you want to go, write them down and recite them daily. If you struggle to write affirmations, there are many websites, apps and YouTube videos that you can find affirmations.

2. So Many BOOKS, So Little Time

Reading books is a great way to pass some time  grab your favourite book and start reading. If you don’t have any books, you can download the kindle app on your tablet or your phone and purchase a book to read. If you’re not into reading like me, but love books, you can purchase a plan on Audible. Audible is an ebook app and it has thousands of books of all genres. My top two genres are Chick-Lit and Self Development. My favourite self development book is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and my favourite Chick-Lit book is….well i couldn’t pick one book because the book i love is part of the I Heart series, I started with I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk. It is the first book and you won’t be able to stop at book 1, you’ll be wanting to read the whole series!

There are countless podcasts you can listen to, you can listen on the Spotify app or the Apple Podcast app. You can browse by category or by most popular. A Podcast is a great way to pass time, either listening to a series or past episodes. If you would like me to do a post on my favourite podcasts, leave a comment below.


Now is a great time to start journaling, write down your goals and everything you want achieve and work on when you come out of this phase of life. Documenting your goals is a great way to keep track on what goals you’re achieving and it can give you something to work towards. Writing your thoughts on paper is a great way to hold yourself accountable and keep you focused on your goals. It’s hard to stay in a positive mindset when you are stuck at home with nowhere to go, often alone, your mind can wander to dark places. Make a habit to write down 3 things you are grateful for everyday, this practice trains the brain to focus on the positive part of life, it helps your mind shift from a negative spot to focus on what is actually positive in your life. Over time you will find that your mind automatically shifts to focus on the positive over the negative.


101A9574-E38B-41F4-8429-EF0083F2AF4CIn addition to writing down your goals, work on your vision board. Grab those magazines that are collecting dust and cut out the pictures and words and phrases that motivate you, that excite you. Pin those pictures and words to a board, stick them on your fridge or somewhere that’s visible to your eye. Watch how you start ticking off the many things on there over time. 


Meditation is a very important activity in my life. I try to meditate everyday. Meditation is a great stress reliever, self-awareness and mental clarity. In addition, you can use meditation to manifest! Grab your favourite crystal and practice some deep breathing. You can find great meditations to cater for your needs on YouTube. There are also many apps you can download. My favourite app is the Insight Timer app. It contains countless meditations and helps you network around the world with like minded people.

6. Burning Oils for Stress Relief

We’ve gone through taking care of our mental health, let’s get into some outer care. Get the oil diffuser going, add a couple of drops of lavender oil and let it diffuse throughout the day. The scent of Lavender is very good to keep your calm and keep the stress levels at bay.

7. Take a Bath

Run a warm salt bath. I recommend using Epsom salts however, if you don’t have any on hand, normal salt can work too. This will help relax muscles and it’s a great stress reliever. Light some candles and just sit back and relax. If you can’t sit in quiet, you can listen to a spa playlist on Spotify, the music is calming and relaxing. I prefer to listen to a Self Development book or my favourite podcast. Turn the world off and let the salt water do it’s magic. You will feel renewed once you’re done.

8. A Reason to Wear a Mask

BDF3B47F-53E2-4C25-BF4E-8700F84C5570Grab those masks that are sitting in the drawer. You can mask while you’re doing practically anything that I have mentioned above and the benefits are great for you skin. If you don’t have any masks on hand you can make your own with ingredients you have at home. The most simple mask you can make is adding some oil to a little bit of honey, leave on for 10 minutes for a moisturised face. If you want to make an at-home facial scrub, add abit of brown sugar to some honey, gently massage onto face for 1-2 minutes and rinse.

9. Can You Say GUA SHA?

An important thing to add to your daily self care routine is to keep moisturised. Drink lots of water and wear moisturiser or serum. Add a jade/rose quartz roller for some lymphatic drainage and depuffing. There are many rollers you can purchase, Jade, Rose Quartz, Amethyst and the list goes on.  I prefer to use a rose quartz Gua Sha as i love love and the Rose Quartz symbolizes love, I also feel the energy of calmness through the Rose Quartz. I pair this with my favourite serum, the Eco by Sonya Glory Oil – Day and Night oil an organic, vegan oil that contains unique super seeds. It nourishes, calms, smooths the skin. I leave the serum on overnight and when I wake up the next morning my face is moisturised and glowy.

10. Clear Workspace Means a Clear Mind

C62888F5-4D90-4210-8BF2-6C14D42CFD6BFinally, if you are working from home, create a designated work-space, clear of clutter, open and airy.  A decluttered, open space helps the mind focus.

At the end of it all just make sure you take the time to STOP AND BREATHE! Remember, this is only temporary.

2D87FA2D-623F-43BF-AE50-59C61D21EC0DI would love to know what how you are practicing self-care during isolation and if you plan on trying any of the above. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t forget to be good to yourself (and others)

Love Mary-Vivian xx

14 thoughts on “Self-Care in Isolation

  1. Lovely Post! I am a strong promoter of self-care, especially important as of late. I am a bath person for sure, I love to add salts, bath bombs, bubbles, herbs, and the like. Light some candles, grab a cold glass of water, put on some soothing music, and just relax.

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  2. this is awesome! great suggestions honey! i really need to get on the gua sha, but how do i know if my roller is a genuine gemstone..!

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  3. Lots of walking and sitting in the back yard in the sun. It’s Autumn here in New Zealand but still warm in the afternoons. Playing music on the keyboard, heaps of baking. I’m keeping a diary of the lockdown too.

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